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The AI Classroom of Today

#BETT19 #FutureOfEducation – Over the next four days a live AI Classroom of Today will be showcased by the students and teachers of the Streetly Academy in collaboration with leading artificial intelligence education company, CENTURY-tech, at the Bett Show 2019 at the Excel Centre in London.

Students from the Streetly Academy will be demonstrating how artificial intelligence, combined with neuroscience and learning science, has helped them to improve outcomes and save their teachers’ time.

The advanced technology, which tracks every interaction of the student and uses predictive analytics, is used by over one hundred schools in England, and widely used abroad by international schools.

It has demonstrated improvements in student understanding by 30% in maths, the sciences and English. The technology is able to provide deep insights to teachers on timely targeted interventions. It is claimed by recent workload survey that 81% of teachers consider quitting their jobs over the next three years. The use of artificial intelligent software, according to a impact study conducted across 80 schools using CENTURY-tech, demonstrated that it saves each teacher six hours a week on average.

Artificial intelligence forms a central theme at BETT 2019.

Priya Lakhani OBE, founder and Chief Executive Officer of CENTURY explained

“The purpose of this live demonstration will show visitors that artificial intelligence should not be described as the “future” of education, it is being used now. We need to solve the workload challenges faced by teachers in the classroom and deliver differentiation for every child.

“The most important person in the classroom is the child. The most powerful person in the classroom is the teacher. Teachers spend 60% of their time on administrative tasks. We can leverage advanced technology to help reduce this burden and empower our teachers.

“Technology can augment teaching and learning and we wanted to show the world how it is already being used by teachers in schools across the globe.”

Billy Downie, Headteacher of Streetly Academy said:

“CENTURY has been a game changer for our whole school. We’re seeing dramatic improvements in student performance. Our teachers have a better understanding of their students’ needs and more time to work with their class.”

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