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Twinkl: Empowering Tutors to Succeed in Their Journey

Embark on a successful tutoring journey with Twinkl’s comprehensive support and resources.

Summer Season Sets the Stage for Tutoring Success

During summer, a wave of aspiring tutors enters the scene, fuelled by the desire to pursue a rewarding tutoring career. Recognising the significance of this transitional period, Twinkl, a leading educational resource provider, stands ready to empower tutors with a range of tools designed to streamline essential tasks behind the scenes. With Twinkl’s comprehensive support, it’s time for tutors to embark on a journey towards success, equipped with the necessary resources.

Twinkl understands the diverse scenarios tutors face, whether starting as full-time tutors, juggling tutoring alongside another job, or transitioning from face-to-face to online tutoring. With a commitment to ensuring their success, Twinkl provides the necessary tools and resources to facilitate tutors’ growth. Tutors can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work on their own terms and cover a diverse range of subjects tailored to their students’ needs.

Vital Role of Tutors and Twinkl’s Support

Tutors play a crucial role in supporting student development, working on catch-up programmes, building confidence, preparing for exams, and providing individualised attention. Twinkl is dedicated to supporting tutors in fulfilling these essential responsibilities. The extensive range of resources includes session materials and a suite of business tools to streamline administrative tasks, enabling tutors to spend more time doing the things they love.

Josie, a private tutor, shared her experience, “Twinkl not only makes my job so much easier, but it contributes to the success of my business. The resources mean I can spend more time on my students and designing sessions around things they love rather than creating material myself. They are also just really fun to use and make it enjoyable for me and the kids!”

Expanding Opportunities with Increased National Tutoring Programme Funding

Excitingly, the National Tutoring Programme has recently announced increased funding for the upcoming academic year. This development opens up new avenues for tutors to expand their work and potentially pursue tutoring as a full-time profession. Twinkl’s comprehensive resources and support for tutoring businesses perfectly align with this trend, empowering tutors to build successful and fulfilling careers in the field.

Fostering a Supportive Tutoring Community

Starting your own business can often be an intimidating endeavour, as it involves numerous challenges and uncertainties. Moreover, being self-employed can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation due to the absence of a traditional work environment. Recognising these concerns, Twinkl has taken the initiative to establish vibrant communities aimed at addressing these needs.

To foster a supportive community, Twinkl offers networking opportunities through its online communities of tutors, monthly virtual staffroom sessions, and informative blogs. Additionally, the organisation provides monthly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with tailored content specifically designed for tutors. 

Former tutor and Twinkl’s Segment Manager Bethany Todd explains,

“I understand that tutoring can feel lonely. The community we have built at Twinkl is a great tool in any tutor’s toolkit to allow them to build their network and ensure they always have someone to turn to. The resources available on Twinkl mean tutors don’t need to go anywhere else! They can find everything they need for all ages and abilities, as well as resources to support them behind the scenes when running their business.”

Twinkl continues to develop resources to support tutors with specific exams, such as the upcoming 11+ exams, ensuring they have the necessary materials to guide their students successfully.

Tailored Campaign for Tutors Guiding Students through 11+ Exams

As September approaches, the 11+ exams take centre stage, demanding effective guidance for students. To address this challenge, Twinkl is launching an exclusive campaign tailored for tutors during the summer period. This initiative aims to equip tutors with the necessary resources and support to navigate the intricacies of the 11+ examination process successfully. With new resources released every week, Twinkl promises an exciting and engaging experience for students, ensuring they are well-prepared.

Recognising and Appreciating Tutors 

Twinkl acknowledges the significance of tutors within the educator community and values their contributions. As a part of their ongoing Thank You Educator campaign,Twinkl dedicated a space for appreciation throughout the summer, from Thank a Teacher Day to World Tutors Day and everything in between. The campaign, which began accepting nominations on June 27th, has already received an overwhelming response with over 1,000 nominations.Visit Twinkl’s dedicated “Thank You, Educators” hub to take part.

Twinkl’s Commitment to Empowering Tutors

Twinkl is committed to empowering tutors with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their tutoring careers. In recognition of their work, Twinkl was shortlisted in the category of Best Educational Resources for Tuition at the National Tutoring Awards.

By providing comprehensive support, Twinkl ensures that tutors can make a positive impact on students’ educational journeys.

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