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University of Bradford elevates operations with TechnologyOne’s SaaS ERP

As the University of Bradford looks to modernise its Finance, HR, and Payroll operations, it will replace its on-premise systems with TechnologyOne’s pioneering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to streamline its financial and human resource processes. The strategic decision to transition to a single, integrated solution will enhance day-to-day operations, elevating the student and staff experience through a modern interface that offers access on any device, anywhere, anytime. 

This partnership will leverage TechnologyOne’s Solution-as-a-Service model, also known as SaaS Plus, to save the university time and money. The university will enjoy a single, all-inclusive yearly fee that covers implementation, operation, and support of the software, avoiding the high initial outlay that usually comes with an ERP implementation. 

Professor Shirley Congdon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford, said:

“This ambitious digital transformation project will see us introduce world-class technology across our estate. By partnering with TechnologyOne and implementing their modern SaaS ERP solution, we are embracing innovation to ensure our administrative processes are as efficient as our educational programs. This will allow us to better serve our staff and students to help them achieve their full potential.”

TechnologyOne Executive Vice President Leo Hanna said:

“The University of Bradford was already using our world-leading timetabling & scheduling solution and we are delighted to broaden our partnership. Amid funding pressures, socioeconomic uncertainty, and a pressing need to modernise, progressive universities like the University of Bradford are pivoting towards digital transformation. However, the greatest impediments to investing in such projects are time to value, cost, and complexity. Our groundbreaking SaaS Plus implementation model eliminates the issues of exceeded budgets, prolonged timelines, and inherent complexity, instead bringing certainty to complex digital transformation programs.

“We have spent more than a decade developing our fourth-generation product, completely redesigning it for the world of SaaS. As the leading true SaaS provider in the UK market, we offer the education sector cybersecurity, flexibility, and the mission-critical components the community has been asking for.”

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