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A look back at 2021 and what’s next for 2022?

Sabby Gill, CEO of Thomas

The pandemic hammered home the fact that, put simply, life is too short. As such, throughout 2021 workers across the country found the courage to ditch roles that were making them unhappy in what has been dubbed the ‘The Great Resignation’. We believe this trend will carry into 2022, which will drive workplace attrition.  

Our own research revealed nearly two-thirds of UK workers would leave their current employer within six months if they were unhappy, so it’s critical that businesses recognise that a healthy work environment matters. 

We’ve also seen a desire amongst companies to uphold values of diversity in the workforce. But sadly, many still seem to have little to no understanding of how to achieve their diversity and inclusion (D&I) objectives. 

D&I training is so widespread that it’s developed into a lucrative industry. Yet for many, this training does very little to spark change in the workplace. In 2022, firms need to seriously walk the talk and rethink workplace diversity. 

Covid has also taught us that people demand better workplace experiences. Upskilling and reskilling have become increasingly important for candidates and employees. In 2022, this will only continue, as recruiters and employers look to remain competitive and ahead of the game.

The so-called ‘War on Talent’ will also be in full swing next year. To win, business leaders must take immediate steps to understand their workforces more deeply than ever. This starts with having clarity on diverse characteristics within their workforce and what ‘makes them tick’. Only by doing this can they attract and keep the talent required to win in the next phase of growth.

Sabby Gill, CEO at Thomas International

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