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Ambitions of becoming a Master Technician

Joseph Rayner,
Vindis Group

Joseph Rayner completed his GCSEs at Witchford Village College and started looking into 6th form options as his next step. Unfortunately, Joseph didn’t have the required maths and English grades to secure a 6th form place, so he turned his attention to his passion for classic cars. 

Joseph enrolled on to the Level 1 Motor Vehicle Diploma at Cambridge Regional College and re-sat his maths exam, which he quickly passed. Joseph progressed through the levels to gain his Level 3 in Vehicle Maintenance securing his English GCSE along the way.

After seeing an apprenticeship opportunity at The Vindis Group, Joseph applied for the position and on the basis that he was already qualified to Level 3, he was offered one of the first Trainee Technician roles in the organisation.

Joseph said, “I was advised that it wasn’t necessary to complete an apprenticeship as I already had the required qualifications. I have been with Vindis for 4 years now and I have progressed from Trainee Technician to Service Technician. At Vindis there is a culture of ongoing training and development, and I am now working towards becoming a Qualified Technician and High Voltage Engineer, which will enable me to remove batteries from electric vehicles.” 

Joseph recently returned to CRC as part of the The Vindis Group team leading on a new partnership to identify emerging talent in the industry. The five strong team delivered a presentation to current Motor Vehicle students, introducing Vindis Group as a key employer in the industry and the career opportunities currently available within the organisation. As part of the presentation, Joseph told the story of his career progression to students in the same position as he was just 4 years earlier. 

Joseph added, “The progress I have made in my career is exciting, and I am pleased to have the backing of my employers as I work towards my goal of becoming a Master Technician by the age of 25. The training I am receiving to become a High Voltage Engineer will put me ahead of the game as electric vehicles become more and more popular.

No matter what your career plans are, I would urge you to make sure you get your maths and English as these subjects really are needed no matter what sector you go into. In respect of the motor vehicle trade, I would say that having your full driving licence will make things much easier in the long run, as it is essential to be able to drive the vehicles in and out of the workshop.” 

Find out more about Motor Vehicle courses at Cambridge Regional College. Explore apprenticeship opportunities with The Vindis Group.

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