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Work experience opportunity for schoolboy Joel

Biggleswade Academy pupil, Joel Armstrong is preparing to choose his GCSE options ahead of his move to Upper School in September. To support their young people with decision making, and understanding of the real world of work, Year 8 pupils at the Academy are taking part in ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ on Thursday 28th April 2022 during which Joel will spend the day at Cambridge Regional College. 

Director of Supported Learning, Jeremy Lloyd said, “Offering work experience opportunities in a safe environment, is a great way of introducing young people to the concept of employment and careers. The experience will allow them to consider workplace expectations, while giving them the chance to discuss the skills and qualities that are necessary for the world of work. We look forward to welcoming Joel.” 

In line with the college commitment to supporting careers programmes from a young age, and in support of Take Your Child to Work Day, Joel will join the team in the Supported Learning department at the CRC Huntingdon Campus where he will work alongside his mum, Deborah MacInnes.

Shelley Flynn, Principal at Biggleswade Academy said, “For our pupils to have the opportunity to see the workplace, and all that it entails, so early is an invaluable experience.  Whether they discover new knowledge, skills, or interests that they never knew they had or, inversely, begin to understand areas of work that they thought would interest them, but it turns out don’t (or at least don’t yet) is a real-life lesson.”

We will be catching up with Joel towards the end of his work experience day to find out what he learned about the workplace and whether he would recommend ‘Take Your Child to Work Day’ to others. 

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