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Youth expert Jack Parsons attends Gatsby’s Launch Event for New Technician roles across the country!

Jack Parsons

UK’s Chief Officer and CEO of Youth Group, Jack Parsons meets with Secretary of States for Education and Digital, Culture, Media and Sports

New learnings, New beginnings and thousands of opportunities for young people.

Today Jack Parsons met several leaders across the country including Gillian Keegan, The Secretary Of State for Education and Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and sport.

All in which are supporting over 100 new unique technician roles for young people to get involved in between the ages of 11-16! The exhibition included an interactive gallery in collaboration with Marvel Studios, the NHS and manymore helping to offer new career opportunities in Technicians.

During the launch the speakers celebrated the launch of the new diverse and enticing one-of-a-kind gallery which mimics the tasks technicians perform everyday in different industries and sectors!

Technician roles are vital for growth in the UK however in the past have been often overlooked. Progress is being made with the inclusion of £1bn investment into the activities involved to support technician careers.

It was amazing for Jack Parsons and some of the Youth Group team to attend the event held at the Science Museum and hearing the passion leaders today have for youth employment and making a change when it comes to the new technician generation.

Discover more on technicians, the roles available and how you can get involved by heading over to Jack’s LinkedIn.

Jack Parsons CEO at Youth Group says:

“It was an amazing opportunity to be able to go and see the work Gatsby and the Science Museum have done. Helping encourage young people to get involved in technician roles is extremely important in today’s world to offer young people a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in.”

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