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David Way writes exclusively for FE News on the benefits of Apprenticeships post-GCSE

At a time when scores of teenagers across the country are facing challenging choices about their future, after receiving their GCSE results, expected or otherwise, forward thinking businesses should be recognising the benefits of hiring them – as apprentices.  The search for talent is always a concern for business and by getting involved with Apprenticeships, businesses can secure themselves for the future, ensuring that the skills critical to their company’s success are not lost.

There are already more than 250,000 people taking an Apprenticeship in England alone, and we are working to significantly give even more young people, and adults, this valuable opportunity. There are numerous benefits for both the employer and the apprentice. Employers not only gain a highly motivated and loyal workforce but can see their productivity boosted. They can also see apprentices making a difference to their business from day one. The individuals benefit from improving their skills and career prospects whilst continuing to learn and earn a wage.

There are countless success stories illustrating the mutual benefits to both employers and employees. One such case is Claire Harrison, this year’s Apprentice of the Year winner.

Claire completed her Apprenticeship in Team Leading with North Lancs Training Group. Working at Dale Pharmaceuticals, her impact on the business was significant and measurable, when in just three months as team leader, she reduced absenteeism by 9 per cent. But it’s not just the company that has benefited from Claire’s work. Her apprenticeship has made her confidence soar and increased her desire to learn. As she says: “Before I started I had nothing to show for myself. I now understand that I can complete a high-standard of work and achieve qualifications to really help me get on in life.”

As Claire shows, Apprenticeships enable businesses to have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. With thousands of young people now considering what path to take, this is the perfect opportunity to find out what Apprenticeships can do for your business.

By David Way, National Director of Apprenticeships

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