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Calls concerning mental health nearly double in December

David Price, CEO of Health Assured

Calls concerning mental health increased in December, says EAP provider

  • Nearly double the number of women (60.6%) as men (38.6%) called Health Assured in December 2018.
  • The busiest day for calls to Health Assured was December the 3rd.
  • Health Assured received 272 calls on New Year’s Eve.
  • There was a 31.3% (2,958) increase in calls compared from December 2017 and December 2018.
  • There was also a 28.8% (43,407) increase in calls made to Health Assured in 2018 from 2017.

Health Assured, a health and wellbeing provider has revealed that nearly 49.3% of calls made by employees to their company’s employee assistance programme (EAP) in December, were in relation to their own mental health. The provider also discovered that 36.9% of calls received were for reasons to do with depression, anxiety and low mood. Relationship issues, bereavement and work related stress closely followed.

The busiest day for calls was the 3rd of December as employees called in regarding being overwhelmed and anxious about the festive period ahead. On New Year’s Eve, Health Assured received 272 calls as callers discussed being apprehensive about 2019 and feeling stressed about returning to work.

David Price, CEO of Health Assured said: “There are many reasons why wellbeing can suffer around the festive period. Workloads often increase as people try to finish their projects before the Christmas break and many people will have money concerns and will worry whether they have overstretched themselves financially. Both of these issues can lead to employee’s suffering from a December burn out before they finish for the holidays.

“Also for people with domestic or marital issues, the prospect of spending a week with family may not seem as festive as it otherwise would be; whilst for others who may be experiencing Christmas on their own, it can prove an equally difficult period.

“Seeing the rise in calls from 2017 to 2018 highlights a growing understanding and awareness of mental wellbeing from employees and employers should ensure that they are aware of their employee’s mental health needs.

“From an employer’s perspective, being vigilant in helping those employees who might not be coping in the lead up to Christmas is vital. Employers should recognise that by supporting their employees, they can prevent absences in the workplace and can significantly reduce the length of potential unavoidable absences.

“This is a beneficial situation for both employer and employee. Forward-thinking organisations invest in their employees’ wellbeing before absence impacts both their performance and that of the business.

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