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Celebrating September – FE Soundbite 460

FE Soundbite 457

I hope you had a great week. I have just returned from an amazing All Inclusive Holiday, problem is… I have been hitting the gym for six months to try and pull in my middle-aged spread, only to pile it all back on again on with the week’s All Inclusive holiday… the injustice! Back to the gym again!

September is here, the kids have returned to school and parents across the land celebrate! As we are now in September we are celebrating too, this September is our 15th anniversary on FE News and FE Careers.

To celebrate we are launching a brand new FE Careers next week, along with a brand new job board Apprenticeship Job Search.

There will be one dashboard/login and two job boards! We think you will love it. Watch this short video to get a 1 minute outline of the new site and service.

We are launching the new FE Careers and Apprenticeship Job Search on Wednesday. Exciting times!

Congrats to Jamie Smith who has had our most popular article this week: Why? What? Who? How? Four key questions College leaders must ask when thinking about education technology

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week… don’t forget to check out the new FE Careers and Apprenticeship Job Search on Wednesday afternoon!




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07 September 2018

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Why? What? Who? How? Four key questions College leaders must ask when thinking about education technology.

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – In a recent speech to the World Education Forum UK Education Secretary Damian Hinds outlined that only a minority of Schools and Colleges are currently taking advantage of the opportunities that educ…

What triggers adults to participate in learning?

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – There is a strong growing evidence base on the benefits of adult learning, including improved health, richer social networks and better job prospects. Yet adult participation in learning has a hit a …

The introduction of T Levels will bring about an enormous step change

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – We welcome the release of the Department for Education’s “Employer engagement and capacity to support T Level industry placements” report, which brings to light some of the challenges for employers i…

The off-rolling issue is about more than just league tables

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – As the annual furore of GCSEs died down last week (28 Aug), the Times led with a front page splash on an increasingly concerning and complex matter which is becoming part of the annual narrative arou…

How Technology Education Needs To Change If Young People Are To Get The Skills They Need For The Future

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – Over £15bn has been spent on educational technology in the past decade. The average education technology budget for schools is £900m per annum. And yet, whilst some believe there has been a reasonabl…

Over a fifth of freelancers have suicidal thoughts as result of gig economy

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thumbnail www­.fenews­.co­.uk – One can be the loneliest number — many UK freelancers feel lonely and isolated following leap to self-employment. A new Epson EcoTank survey reveals both sides of freelance life; many highs, but also…

Is age just a number? The problem of age bias in recruitment

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Businesses need to do more to help disadvantaged people get into their dream career

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Education & Training
The Fourth Industrial Revolution must be underpinned by the Fourth Educational Revolution

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Innovative content curation tool helps teachers reduce workload

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Should the Education Sector Be Doing More for Learners in CPD?

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