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How to Attract International Students


International students make up a large part of any university or college. These students are great to have as they bring a sense of diversity to your university as well as often bringing in extra money due to their higher fees. Although many people want to study abroad, it is not always possible due to high costs and the fear of the unknown. This is why universities need to understand how to attract these types of students.

If you’d like to know more about how you can add to your international student population keep reading!

Show Off Your Campus

It is common for students to have a tour of the university campus before applying to see if they think that they would fit in here. Unfortunately for international students, they cannot always afford the flights to go and visit the open day, so they end up choosing somewhere closer to home.

This is where you can really make a difference by updating your website. All you need to do is create an interactive virtual campus experience. Hire a professional who can create an online tour of your university for potential students to view or take some 360° photos yourself. This will present your campus well and you can choose which parts you show off!

Offer Guidance on Accommodation

If your university does not offer its own student accommodation or if it fills up quite fast, then make sure to provide options. International students will be unaware of the options available to them in regard to what is nearby your campus.

The official university campus is normally only one of many great options so make sure to present the best options. For example, take a look at the many types of student accommodation Sheffield has to offer! You could even create a partnership with a local private accommodation provider like Collegiate by agreeing to promote them when you are communicating with students.

Get Some Testimonials

One of the best ways to target other students is by letting them hear from students who have been through the experience. If you already have some international students, why not ask them to write a short blog post for your website?

Hearing from another international student that has made the journey and gone through the experience themselves will reassure the potential student that this is a good decision. They will be able to give any small bits of advice or information about how great your university is.

Make a dedicated page on your website that makes it easy to find this information for international students. This doesn’t have to be a blog post you can approach this in various ways and create a video if you want.

This would make it seem more genuine and the potential student might feel more of a connection. You should also take a look at some of the reviews already online about your institution.

Follow these steps and your college will be bursting with international students in no time!

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