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Reel #2: The Turning Point for Learner Neuro-inclusion

The Turning Point for Learner Neuro-inclusion

Reel #2 of the new series on Neurodiversity: Empowering Learning and Employment is here! In the first Reel, Gavin and Dr Louise spoke about neurodiversity continuing personal development (CPD).

This second Reel is all about the turning point for learner neuro-inclusion.

Historically, learner support has been seen as ‘extra’, ‘additional’ or some way ‘special’ in education. But ensuring all your learners achieve the best possible outcomes is at the core of quality education. Providing equal access and personalised learning based on an individual’s needs is essential, not additional.

Gavin and Louise discuss the data on:

  • Dropout
  • Reasons for non-completion
  • National achievement rates

Because the truth is that all these critical outcome measures are impacted by learning difficulties and the consequences of not providing adequate learner support.

Staff need to be engaged and supported in this process.

There are a lot of passionate change makers in the education sector and a mentality of “anything to help my learners”. But staff need the processes and practices to enable them in this endeavour and allocate their resources effectively to deliver consistent, evidence-based support.

The turning point for learner neuro-inclusion comes when we recognise that learner support is not another problem to solve, but a way to solve sector-wide problems.

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