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The changing approaches to technology in education – supporting learners and educators

Matthew Pullen

With back-to-school activity in full swing, now is a great time for educators to recognise and harness the transformative power of technology in their classrooms. Whilst the use of technology in schools has steadily been on the rise for many years, the pandemic expedited its incorporation and brought it to the forefront of the education agenda. 

Increased adoption of edtech in the last two years has undoubtedly supported and benefitted both students and teachers alike. Edtech has facilitated the development of children of all ages, and continuing this upward trajectory, should be made a priority in classrooms ongoing. This is why Jamf strives to help institutions implement and integrate technology that will enable educators to create a unique teaching experience and students to learn to their full potential. This can be seen in the work we have done with Shaw Education Trust.

The Shaw Education Trust manages academies in all phases, backed by Shaw Trust – a social purpose organisation challenging inequality and breaking down barriers to enable social mobility. The Trust has oversight of 11,000 students across all phases, from age four to eighteen, who are all equipped with Apple iPads, managed by Jamf.

Using those devices, primary school students doing reading programmes have been able to progress through two reading levels a year, something that is unheard of, with children usually progressing through half a level per year. The experience has also been transformative for students, providing them with alternative learning experiences via the management of the device settings to support their needs and help them get the most out of every lesson.

Edtech increases classroom efficiency and maximises learning time

Edtech also increases classroom efficiency and maximises learning time. The Shaw Education Trust found that the use of technology can reduce the time taken to start a lesson, from six minutes to less than one, allowing teachers to regain an extra 36 hours a year. This is particularly relevant when students are re-adjusting from the holidays back into the swing of school life. 

While innovation and progress in the edtech field is welcomed by many, there can be resistance to the introduction or wider use of technology in schools, with discussions focused on cost, training and student safety. While these issues are all relevant, platforms such as Jamf provide support to not only alleviate these concerns, but actually support many other aspects of school life, such as the ability to scaffold learning for students and provide safe internet browsing, which not only protects learners but also promotes independence and self-regulation.

Security: One of the Main Concerns for all as Malware is on the Rise?

Security is probably one of the main concerns for all as malware is on the rise, and there is a constant risk of harmful content reaching students. It is vital that students learn safely from anywhere, on any device, without compromising their privacy or sacrificing the learning experience that Apple devices provide.

To help with all the above, Jamf has developed a range of Management and Security products and workflows that are optimised for education. We recently released a new addition to our education offering, Jamf Safe Internet. This tackles online safety, protecting students and their privacy. We know that safeguarding measures are hard to enforce in an environment that is evolving so dramatically and quickly. This new feature allows teachers and IT admins to customise and create the level of content control that fits each class and to prevent harmful and inappropriate content from reaching students’ devices.

The use of technology in the classroom can be a hugely valuable asset, but how it is implemented must be careful and considered in order to provide students with a safe learning environment online not only through content filtering, but with network threat prevention. Software management works in collaboration with increasing legislation to protect children online and empowers professionals to harness the benefits of technology and reap rewards in the classroom this academic year.

By Mat Pullen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Education at Jamf

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