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Why complete transparency on remote education offerings from training providers must be accessible

Mark Ashton, Head of Business Development at Qube Learning

 With the ever-changing global climate, the impact of Covid-19 has seen a wide cross-section of industries significantly impacted, with many individuals losing their jobs and seeing their lives rapidly change.

Mark Ashton, Head of Business Development at Qube Learning, a top 20 training provider, says:

‘Watching the world change almost daily from March 2020 has been shocking on a personal and professional level. Most sectors have been hit to some extent and it has been alarming for so many reasons – people losing work, offices closing and an increased number of people working from home, as we become a society more adaptable to fulfilling our occupations in a less traditional format. On top of this, Students are now having to complete their studies solely at home through online classes and lectures.

With the Department for Education requesting that the FE industry show complete transparency of remote education offerings by 18 January 2021, it is imperative that all training providers act accordingly and are clear about what they can provide, so that prospective Students can make informed decisions that may alter the course of their lives. The shift to eLearning is becoming the ‘new normal’ and allowing Students and their Employers knowledge across all components of a programme will give them a sense of trust and control in their future, especially amid this uncertain period. We believe giving visibility from day one is crucial to understanding the commitment and requirements of a learning journey.

With this significant step in how FE programmes are running, training providers should, if they are not already, be able to offer tailored training to suit the individual. We believe it is paramount for our company to offer a blended approach which will include a mix of face-to-face training where possible, and online learning to support and enhance the learning experience with us.

Moving our Traineeship and Apprenticeship delivery on to an eLearning platform, Qube Vision, was an obvious choice and meant we could continue to deliver engaging training, even when we couldn’t see our Students in person. Qube Vision was developed to enhance our current delivery and provided an increased offer through commercial Courses. Now, with 100% of our Courses online, it enables Students to continue learning and avoid feeling deflated by the effects of the pandemic. We want them to maintain momentum. We hope to see more people celebrating educational and professional success, which will benefit their lives and the overall economy. 

Complying with government guidelines and showcasing our remote provision will facilitate our ability to start Students on their journeys without delay. We will continue to see time efficiencies (reduced travel between appointments) and a reduction in carbon emissions produced during travel, while continuing to offer the same level of support.

Though social interaction is often a fundamental element of working life, the immediate future is beginning to look rather different and all companies should be accountable in how they run their organisation. Now, more than ever, many individuals depend on us to help them navigate their professional learning experience from a home setting. We want to ensure we are there to aid their success, with DfE’s rules on transparency evident in our work and delivery.’

Qube Learning is proud to be an OFSTED grade 2 (Good) training provider that works with hundreds of Employers across the country to deliver a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of Students. If you are interested in finding out more about the positive opportunities an Apprenticeship or Traineeship can bring through Qube Vision and eLearning, either as a Student or an Employer, then speak with the experts at Qube Learning.

Mark Ashton, Head of Business Development at Qube Learning

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