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Why Social Justice in University Matters

It is the century of social justice. We live in a world led by universities. But in many parts of it, women cannot attend school. We live in a world where there is enough food to feed everybody. But starvation is hard on Africa and Asia. We live in a world where sexuality is celebrated. But homophobic communities persist. We live in a world where women are liberated and peace celebrated. But rape escalates as a tool of war. 

We’ve Done Enough for Social Justice

If you go around and ask people what their stake on social justice is, the majority will shroud their shoulders. ‘We’ve done enough already, don’t you think so?’ Apathy persists even among the most educated. Somehow, universities seem to have become oblivious to the pains and miseries of the world we live in. As billionaires compete who would be the first in space, and win the neo-Cold War, public housing in the USA is at its worst ever.

So, students, the future of this country, go about their daily lives unaware that the society they prepare themselves for is not prepared for them. They educate themselves to join a workforce in which a woman is paid less than a man, and so for the same work. They prepare themselves for the world in which the first question in a job interview would be on whether they plan to establish a family or not.

Somehow, this lens that is social justice in universities seems not to be questioned. And without the lens, our glasses can work only so well.

Suspension of Social Justice in Universities

Suspension of social justice in universities seems to have creeped on us. Quietly and at night, it has gone dormant. Social justice warriors do not exist anymore. It takes a violent death of a member of the black community to raise the voice of millions. But the voice is that of cries. It does not preach anymore. So who is our social justice warrior? What is social justice today? Social justice issues seem to go unnoticed.

Social Justice Call to Action

To do better, we all must act. Everybody should be their own social justice figure. Peace is there, but not for many. Social justice topics have lost their power, and what was once a driving force behind a society trying to unite itself is not served back to us through the media. The Afro-American community is rich and prosperous, but on TV only. The gay community is charming in their offices and looks astounding in their expensive suits, but on TV only.

Raise your voice! Let your take on social justice be heard. We all had a dream, but it went dormant. There was something permanent in that bullet. Something that turned a dream into a lot of social justice quotes and not enough social justice actions.

Raise Your Voice on Social Justice

Raise your voice again! But do it on the paper, since words have become either too powerful or not powerful enough. When planning out a paper, do it through the lens of social justice. Let nothing go unnoticed, and let nothing be taken for granted. Perfect your voice! There are paper writing services that can do this for you. They can do the research, you get your product and enrich it with your own voice and your take on the topic. Yes, we live in a world where women are not paid as much as men, but we also live in a world where that can be changed.

So join a social justice course in your university today and start learning about social justice definition. Learn about how to recognize it and how to change it. But do not aspire to change everybody – change yourself for the better and watch as others take on your lead. Be a role model, and not another frustrated influencer, yelling at the top of their lungs.

Final Words

We live in the century of social justice, so why don’t we let everybody partake? There are schools and universities for everybody. Let’s take girls and women there, too. There is enough food for everybody – but we need to distribute it right. We live in a world where sexuality is celebrated – so let’s celebrate rights to choose as well. We live in a world where women are liberated and peace celebrated – so let’s condemn war criminals.

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