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Martin Doel: Thinking about the system of the future

Martin Doel, FETL Professor of Leadership in FE and Skills, University College London, Institute of Education

#FutureofFE – Dilemmas, dualisms and dialectics

FE News chat with Martin Doel to discuss his upcoming (20 Feb) valedictory professorial lecture for his Professorship at UCL, and is titled ‘The Future of Education: dilemmas, dualisms and dialectics‘. This is an extension on his first lecture on ‘Defining FE‘.

Martin thinks about the system of the future and learning from what the sector was looking at back in 2010 and when he was the Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges (AoC) and they were thinking about ‘College 2020’. Instead of saying what the system will be over the next 10 years, Martin asks: What are the key questions people might want to be asking themselves over the next 10 years.

Martin highlights questions like: should we collaborate or compete?, should Colleges and providers be specialist or generalist?, local or national?, for the system to be simpler or more complex?

Martin also explores the challenges of the now and the potential challenges of system of the future.

Martin’s lecture on ‘The Future of Education: dilemmas, dualisms and dialectics‘ is on the 20th February at UCL.

Find out more about the ideas behind Martin’s lecture by reading his #FutureofFE mini-series here:

  1. Defining the Future of Further Education
  2. Collaboration or Competition?
  3. National or Local?

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