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How to avoid Education Administration: Podcast with Martin Doel sharing his tips

Martin Doel

FE News podcast with Martin Doel, Visting Professor and Associate Director Post 14 Centre of Education and Work at UCL Institute for Education.

Please check out Martin’s podcast below:

We caught up with Martin at the #AocConf 2019 after he led an interesting breakout session at the Association of Colleges conference on ‘How to Avoid Education Administration’, which was a session primarily aimed at Governers to help them better understand Education Administration.

Martin shares his tips and advice in the podcast below. Martin’s main tips are to triangulate information across the Principal and Finance Director and another source to have a balanced picture of the college.

To enable the board to have independent sources of information within the college, consider the Financial Director’s well being and enable them to have leave / holiday, and potentially to explore an audit whilst they are away to have an open look at the finances, without the FD able to manage the ‘messaging’ of the audit.

Martin also recommends the Board to have space to have private conversations to discuss the progress or any concerns how the organisation is functioning, without the Executive present.

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