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The Hospitality Sector: Catch22Minutes Podcast

Catch22Minutes, the new podcast from charity @Catch22, is now into its second episode, looking at the hospitality industry, reflecting on the Step22 programme, and how careers in the sector can be launched.

The UK Hospitality Industry employs over 3.2 million people and contributes to over £130 billion in economic activity, but it’s been hit hard by both Brexit and the impact of COVID-19. As the country reopens and the recovery starts, we discuss what the opportunities are for young people wanting to start a career in hospitality – and what that means for businesses looking to recruit.

We are joined by The House of St Barnabas CEO Rosie Ferguson and Pophams Founder Ollie Gold, and we hear directly from Step22 Apprentice Patrick. Step22 is a recruitment and training solution that gets great people into great jobs in the hospitality sector, all funded by the apprenticeship levy.

Catch22Minutes Podcast 

In each episode of Catch22Minutes, we delve into some of today’s major social challenges, sharing case studies and inviting frontline experts, industry leaders and young people to speak – all in pursuit of reforming public services.

For the first series, hosted by Catch22’s Director of Communications Melissa Milner, we are focussing on youth employment.

We discuss how society can better prepare young people for today’s job market, and what businesses and government can do to open up future opportunities.

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