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The long road ahead – Tackling Youth Employment


The long road ahead – tackling youth employment with @NCFEDavid, @Matt_Hamnett, @Stephen_EvansUK & @RECNeil 

NCFE’s Chief Executive David Gallagher joins Matt Hamnett, founder of MH+A; Stephen Evans, CEO of the Learning and Work Institute; and Neil Carberry, CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation to discuss the youth employment challenge.

From the current labour market context – with youth unemployment at its highest since 1996 – to insights from the demand side and reflections on the role and needs of business, the podcast explores the substance and nuance of the challenge we face

Most importantly, the discussion explores how willing partners can work together to support young people and make a real difference – creating impactful programme and interventions.

You can find out more about the action NCFE is taking to tackle youth employment through the Go the Distance campaign:

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