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New book Great FE Teaching for FE maths

Sammy White has contributed a chapter to Samantha Jones‘ new book ‘Great FE Teaching’ published November 2022. Sammy shares how in her vocational FE maths classes YouTube can be used to create learning experiences, scaffold for students and help support the learning of maths in curriculum areas also. One of the biggest challenges in FE maths is the isolation of the subject.

A book that invites you into the minds and classroom of other teachers and encourages you to ‘think side by side’ with them, guiding you to making judgments about the suitability of their teaching practices in the development of yours.Designed to celebrate, share and develop good teaching practice.

With experiences from all aspects of FE, Sammy shares how YouTube is a key part of her FE maths teaching toolkit. Sammy taught in a large general FE college for over 8 years, beginning in 14-16 alternative education then moving to vocational FE finally teaching maths in adult and community FE. Named in the UK Edtech 50 in 2021 it is no surprise that Sammy brings digital tools to the FE maths classroom. Acknowledging that technology is everywhere and accessible in ways not previously seen in teaching Sammy combines her use of technology with pedagogical decisions. Moving the worked example that is so powerful in all classrooms online and onto YouTube provides new opportunities for students.

With hints and tips for those new to the platform through to new pedagogical applications for proficient YouTube users, Sammy’s chapter has it all. The book itself is a cross collaboration from all aspects of FE. Samantha Jones has brought together a vast array of people with varying backgrounds in FE to share their tips for Great FE Teaching. The book will be released in November 2022 and a preview can be accessed via the SAGE website.

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