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A new logo for a new campus

Image conscious Newcastle-under-Lyme College has unveiled a new corporate identity, as part of a £60 million pound bid to transform its prospects.

The Staffordshire based college has refreshed its image following consultation with staff, students and the general public last month. The winning design, described as two coloured ‘ticks’ to create the letter ‘N’, has been created by Birmingham based consultants, HRO’C Design.

Karen Dobson, Principal of Newcastle-under-Lyme College explained: "We believe this new, revamped logo fits with the positive values that make Newcastle-under-Lyme College such a great place to work and study and will take us forward to the future."

The new logo will be visible over the course of the next 12 months as the college prepares to move to the new campus in January 2010.

Ms Dobson continued: “We didn’t want to lose the two ticks icon or the orange and black, as these have been synonymous with the College for a long time and form a significant part of our identity.

Lucy Mountford, the college’s marketing and PR Manager, commented: "The new campus marks a new era for the College and we felt that our image should be updated beyond just bricks and mortar. There was a clear agreement that a refreshed brand for the College was the way to go."

Jason Seebaruth

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