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Better Recruitment and Retention for Assessors and Verifiers Offered by

One of the most challenging aspects of the Further Education sector is the retention of the most able and gifted of the staff working within it. Individuals who may well feel a great passion for working in different parts of FE can often be discouraged from remaining in the sector through comparatively low pay and by uncertain routes for career and professional development.

A new site has been launched in an attempt to help to meet part of that challenge. Assessor, a job site that is specifically dedicated to targeting vacancies and development opportunities for S / NVQ Assessors and Internal Verifiers looking to move forward within FE, has been developed to reach more work ““ based learning assessors who can often be neglected.

Targeting the Assessors

The site is powered by leading British Further Education job site FE Careers, with the aim of targeting work based learning specialists who have previously struggled to find the help and advice they needed when considering their next move. The site has been developed to further expand the remit of FE Careers as the only job site to feature vacancies from across the FE and work ““ based learning sector.

The Managing Director of FE Careers explained the decision: “For too long the work based learning industry has not had a dedicated recruitment advertising service. FE Careers features job vacancies across the whole sector. As we have strategic partnerships with the Association of Learning Providers (ALP), the Institute of Assessors and Verifiers (IAV) and the Association of External Verifiers (AEV) we have decided to broaden FE Careers website reach by building dedicated work based learning recruitment sites that work alongside FE Careers to market, attract and recruit experienced and qualified WBL specialists.

Best for Both Sides

“This benefits our Learning Provider and Work Based Learning specialist advertisers and our S/NVQ Assessor job seekers,” he continued. “FE Careers is dedicated to advertising job vacancies across the whole Further Education sector. We have noticed a distinct lack of tailored work based learning support services, so FE Careers has made the strategic decision to broaden our portfolio and offer a tailored recruitment advertising service for Training Providers to attract S/NVQ Assessors and Tutors.”

He concluded by pointing out that this development is part of a general FE push to meet the demands placed upon it, stating: “Sir Andrew Foster referred to Further Education as the overlooked and neglected middle child. This would make work based learning the deprived middle child – when it comes to tailored private sector support services, and it is due to this that we have taken the bull by the horns to provide as wide and comprehensive a service to the Cinderella Work Based Learning sector.”

Jethro Marsh

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