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Government to increase FE college buildings to prove tangible results

Rt Hon John Denham MP, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, announced today at the Association of Colleges conference an increase in the investment of college buildings, particularly development of sustainable buildings, to develop a new sector and help build a long-term legacy for FE Colleges.

It appears that John Denham is also looking for value for money, stressing every £1 invested in FE buildings is £1 invested in improving skills. There is a sense of looming election with Mr Denham looking for tangible results and value for money in regards to FE funding.

Mr Denham said: "All of this is a far cry from the 1990’s when there wasn’t a single penny available from the Government for FE capital spending. In 1997 the National Audit Office was criticised as saying that FE buildings were unfit to teach or to learn in. This is what happened last time the Conservatives promised to set the FE Colleges free. You will forgive me for warning you that they are suggesting to do this again."

Mr Denham also reminded College leaders of Labour’s commitment to delivering value for Government funding, with research showing an average of £1.70 return for every £1 spent in the FE Sector.

We must be in the middle of a downturn for the Government to be so keen to prove tangible results.

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