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IfL welcomes FE reform consultation

The Institute for Learning (IfL) has welcomed the government’s New Challenges, New Chances consultation, intended to take its skills for sustainable growth strategy further.

The consultation paper covers harnessing the expertise of outstanding practitioners in the sector, promotion of high-quality teaching and learning at all levels of the adult education system, and the requirement for teachers and trainers to maintain ‘dual professionalism’.

IfL’s deputy chief executive, Lee Davies, said: “IfL welcomes the FE and skills minister’s strong and continuing personal commitment to further education.

“The government’s decision to invest in at least 250,000 more apprenticeships over the next four years makes it all the more important that the very best vocational experts are inspired to want to come and teach or train in FE.”

The paper emphasises the fact that expertise in vocational subjects relies on constant interaction between the sector and industry, so that curricula remain up to date and relevant to employers.

Mr Davies added: “IfL will ensure that its members, FE teaching and training professionals, are engaged in the dialogue about driving improvement, delivering inspiring learning and designing innovative curricula.

“The organisation is working with the Learning and Skills Improvement Service to continue advancing the quality of initial teacher training in the FE and skills sector and with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to ensure that initial teacher training for FE continues to deliver highest quality teachers and trainers.”

IfL is also maintaining the quality assurance arrangements for endorsing qualifications offered by providers of initial teacher training, and strengthening vocational teaching in schools, and recognition of teachers with Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status to teach in schools.

Aastha Gill

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