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Exclusive with Lawrence Miles

[On the forthcoming Leitch review, expected December 2006]

In 2004 Lord Leitch was commissioned by the Government to lead a review of the skills base the UK would need in 2020. Last year we had an interim report but what will the full report, as it arrives with the seasonal cards, tell us?

Almost certainly we can expect something radical ““ probably a nifty sidestep of further education with more, or should I say, yet more, of taxpayers” money going direct to big employers.

I would predict more incentives for licences to practice; all very well but acronyms like CORGI, the pride of gas fitters, are hard to find.

After many months of deliberation I feel certain that the Leitch Report will find that UK Skills levels are startlingly average; what IVA members would describe as “normal”!

[On last week’s official state opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech]

The good news is: FE got a mention! The OK news is: the FE Bill has few elements and most of those involved have wondered: “Why bother?”

One reason is that the FE Bill will provide a necessary context for an onslaught on college reputation. Unfortunately, colleges are well thought of in their communities so it will clearly be important to soften public opinion before giving FE’s money to the big employers.

Lawrence Miles, Chief Officer, Independent Organisation for Licensed Verifiers and Assessors.

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