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Learning and Management Provision Company’s Turnover Up 600%

Success can be measured in any number of ways, ranging from a good grade in an inspection or exam, through a high position in a league table to a round of rapturous applause from peers and admirers.

A further forum for success, and one much sought after in the 21st Century, is that of economic growth. In this area, it appears that in the past year learning company REDTRAY has little competition. The company, that provides bespoke education and knowledge management solutions, has recently announced that their turnover for 2005 was up by some 600 %.

What Is a Number?

This massive increase in turnover has seen the figures climb from £750,000 in 2004 to £4.5 million in 2005. The increase is partly attributed to the considerable expansion that REDTRAY has enjoyed during that time. Amongst all of these successes, the impact of the agreement reached with global information technology service company Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a leading figure in the international information technology market with more than 45 years of experience, must be noted.

The five year agreement is worth some £16 million, and allows REDTRAY to provide IT training and education services for both clients and employees of CSC within the UK. REDTRAY has also benefited from the mergers with BlueU (provider of bespoke E ““ learning solutions) in 2004 and with Knowledge=Power (producers of E ““ learning solutions) in 2005, both adding to the range of services and skills within the remit of REDTRAY.

Chief Executive Proud of Record Year

Speaking following the announcement of their record turnover in 2005, Bob Woodland, the Chief Executive of REDTRAY, said: “It’s been an excellent year. The support of a high calibre team with their combined years of experience means we can deliver the highest quality services. By working closely with our clients we”ve been able to design, build and implement the perfect blended learning model to meet both their learning and business needs.”

The present success, however satisfying, is only ever the platform for future development in the fast paced business world. Mr. Woodland appreciates this fact and set forth the plan for the future, saying: “The actual and planned growth in our business will continue to be based on our very high quality instructional design, flexibility and our development methodology together with competitive pricing.”

Jethro Marsh

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