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LLUK Dedicated to Promoting Further Education

Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) has appointed Christine Fitton as the first performance manager in Scotland. Christine is already accustomed to the issues surrounding lifelong learning after working considerably to promote the sector since her move to Scotland more than 30 years ago.

Dedicated to Promoting Further Education

Christine’s work history is far ““ reaching across the teaching and educational sector. Beginning with a teaching career in Sunderland, and she then briefly worked at a Further Education college in Manchester. Once living in Scotland she taught a variety of subjects including English at the Stevenson College of FE in Edinburgh and then at West Lothian College of FE.

The 1980s saw Christine play a major role in extending the Technical and Vocational Education Initiative for Further Education whilst working for Lothian Regional Council. Later in the 1990s, she helped to advance the European education in the post-16 curriculum and supervised the international unit in Edinburgh Council’s education department. From here she went on to become the manager of the city’s Lifelong Learning Partnership.

Keeping Up Abilities

In her new role, Christine will work with employers and key stakeholders to ensure the lifelong learning workforce has the skills necessary to meet the challenge of delivering learning and learning support in other sectors. Christine is not daunted by the work ahead of her and speaks enthusiastically about her new position; “It covers so many of the areas that I have been involved in,” she says. “These are exciting times with”¦the merger of the funding of the councils for further and higher education.”

Expanding Learning and Development

Lifelong Learning UK is responsible for developing occupational standards for employers in further education, work and community based learning, libraries and information services. In Scotland, a review of initial teacher training for Further Education lecturers and provision of assistance for staff wishing to move between England and Scotland are just some of the tasks being faced.

Christine believes that two years since the Scottish Executive launched its Lifelong Learning Strategy, an additional boost is needed. “We will be looking to add value wherever we can and helping ensure that organizations in the sector achieve things together,” she states.

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