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New project will give a boost to e-learning

The Association of Learning Providers (ALP) will today announce that they have successfully allocated £1.5 million worth of funding to support e-learning.

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) provided the “Learning Innovation Grant” in order to support a greater use of e-learning in the workplace, as the project seeks to “encourage innovation in applying Information and Communications Technology (ICT)”.

Chris Swingler, ALP’s e-learning project manager, said: “Work-based learning providers have developed a more structured and informed approach to the use of ICT and e-learning over the last twelve months, which has led to a greater clarity about the use and benefits of ICT and e-learning for the learner and the business”.

According to a statement released yesterday, the ALP’s invitation for tenders resulted in a massive £7 million from 189 bids. Following a rigorous process, the total number was reduced to 108, with the ALP deciding that less expensive bids would result in a greater spread of provision. Accordingly, the single largest allocation amounted to £35,000.

“The overwhelming response to the tender demonstrates a clear appetite on the part of providers to explore new ways to apply ICT to learning and to develop new learning materials and learning support systems”.

The successful bids will cover a range of projects including Apprenticeships, NVQ’s, Entry to Employment and Train to Gain.

Mr Swingler added: “The Learning Innovation Grant will provide a major boost to further innovation and ALP is delighted that the LSC and providers have recognised its importance by their level of commitment towards it”.

Vijay Pattni.

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