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Ofsted finds Educators Need Help with Vocational Training

Ofsted has released the findings of a recent poll taken from amongst 20-30 years olds. The survey discovered that young people believed that employers should take a more active part in their training and education.

The survey questioned 500 young workers from a cross section of industries. Two thirds of these believed that they were under prepared for entering work when leaving education. There was a suggestion by 23% that more work experience would have been useful, whilst 8% would have preferred more vocational training.

An Area of Huge Importance

Director of Corporate Services Robert Green explained: “We commissioned this poll because this area is of huge importance for those in education and the business world. We decided to focus on the views of 20-30 year-olds because we wanted to hear from those at the sharp end.”

The survey is a part of Ofsted’s strategy to assess the effectiveness of the government’s education policy with regard to work-related learning. The increased flexibility programme at Key Stage 4 report found that partnership courses with employers were more popular than had been anticipated. The programme has seen four out of five students obtaining vocational qualifications and staying on at school past sixteen.

The poll also revealed that 80% of those surveyed viewed their employers favourably with regard to providing training and support and 50% said they had some form of training by their employer. Generally it was felt that employers were much better at helping workers gain the skills they needed, like teamwork and working to deadlines whilst educational institutions were considered better for academic skills.

Dan Atkinson.

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