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Programme Encourages Lancashire Employers to Train Staff, says LSC

One of the most pressing issues facing the Further Education sector is the demands of the Government that training and education must not be limited to the institution but also spill over into improving the skills of the working population.

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) in Lancashire is calling on the local employers to take advantage of the opportunities on offer to meet this demand and to improve the skills of their staff. The LSC’s New Year campaign to promote Apprenticeships and the Employer Training Pilot (ETP) is seen as vital in this mission.

Benefits to Business

One local business has already benefited from better training. David Evans, managing director of Lancashire business Fleur Holidays, said: “Samantha joined us on leaving school in 2001 and has grown in ability and responsibility almost daily ever since. Samantha’s progress has been achieved through a real partnership approach, with constant support from her learning provider, Beneast Training, encouragement and empowerment from our team and of course ongoing commitment and motivation from Samantha.

“The Apprenticeship programme has provided us with a model employee and now a manager,” continued Mr. Evans, extolling the benefits to the company as well as to the employee of better training provision, “and Samantha is now an integral part of future growth plans.”

LSC Making Employers Aware

Steve Palmer from the LSC in Lancashire said: “We believe that all Lancashire employers should be making a New Year’s resolution to train their staff ““ a move that will benefit both their business and their employees.” He went on to outline the methods available for employers, saying: “Two ways that they can do this are by making use of the ETP, which provides financial support to businesses who train their staff, and through taking on Apprentices, who will learn the exact trade of the business whilst being valuable and enthusiastic members of staff.”

The employers targeting in Lancashire will be contacted during the next two months so that the LSC can determine the specific training requirements that each has. A special event will be held in February to make sure that they are fully aware of the support available. As Mr. Palmer said: “However, not all employers are aware of the options available to them, so we”re starting a campaign to let them know!”

Jethro Marsh

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