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Strategy for lifelong learning

Plans for a Scottish Skills Strategy, recommended as part of a consultation on lifelong learning, were announced in the Scottish Parliament this week.

The new Skills Strategy will:

– Highlight the skills valued and required both by employers and individuals

– Demonstrate how sectors from Further Education/Higher Education to schools, community learning and workforce development can contribute to the skills agenda

– Outline the responsibilities of those involved in skills development

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Fiona Hyslop said: “People are the powerhouse of our economy. Thats why its vital that everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to play their full part in a smarter Scotland.

“These arent just skills to be acquired in the classroom or lecture hall – they are skills that can be developed throughout peoples lives, through both vocational and academic means.

“Our Skills Strategy will recognise that while Scotland already has a skilled workforce the countrys future prosperity and success will depend on matching the skills of our workforce with the changing needs of business and employers.

“We must take a truly lifelong learning based approach to skills development in Scotland, encompassing everything from nursery and school to further or higher education and all forms of adult learning.

“This Scottish skills strategy will build on work already underway – such as the revamping of the curriculum and extension of vocational education – as well as allowing us to work with employers to help them tackle skills shortages and increase peoples employability.”

Life Through Learning; Learning Through Life, the Lifelong Learning Strategy for Scotland was published in February 2003. The Executives consultation on the lifelong learning strategy ran from November 2006 to February 2007. One of the recommendations was for the Executive to develop a Skills Strategy.

Meanwhile, the UK Governments response to the Leitch Review of Skills is due to be published next week

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