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Success Stories Recognized in European Awards

In news that must be encouraging for a country that has just been awarded the 2012 Olympics with the attendant influx of visitors, 13 different initiatives across the UK have won the European Award for Languages.

The annual prize honors projects that promote the study of language. Recipients of the award, also known as the European Label, are selected on the criteria of excellence, innovation and the ability to be replicated in other contexts and languages.

More than 30 languages are represented by this year’s winning projects. Many of them are based on strong partnerships across sectors and communities and all highlight the positive impact of language learning.

European Day of Languages

The awards will be handed out at a ceremony hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The event takes place on the European Day of Languages, September 26th. Renowned television news presenter Sir Trevor McDonald will be on hand to congratulate the winners.

The year’s recipients, based in Norwich, Ilford, Musselburgh, Wolverhampton, Dorking, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Carlisle, Filey, Nottingham and Northampton are now in the running for a number of additional special awards. These awards include the BMW Business Language Prize, the London Turkish Radio Community Languages Prize and the Mary Glasgow Trust award to be announced at the winners ceremony.

Brooke Van Dam, International Education Correspondent

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