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Successful Inspection from ALI and Ofsted Celebrated by Bolton Community College

Bolton Community College is celebrating a successful inspection, following a recent visit from Ofsted and Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) inspectors.

The inspectors went to the college to carry out a thorough review of the College’s educational provision and performance. They found that the provision was good overall, with the occasional bursts of the outstanding. Understandably pleased at the report, the college principal spoke of the college as going from “strength to strength.”

The Inspection

In the report, the college’s progressive approach was recognised, with the inspectors stating: “The College demonstrates an outstanding capacity to improve its provision.” The report also comments on the “significantly increased success rates, and standards of teaching and learning”, whilst praising the guidance and leadership and management that they benefit from, saying: Learners receive good guidance and support” and “Leadership and management are good.”

The report also highlighted other key areas that were especially strong. These included an outstanding provision in health, social care, early years, playwork and counselling courses; extremely high success rates for adult and for work-based learners; the extensive and effective support provision for learners with sensory impairment, dyslexia, and in literacy and numeracy; and a good approach to social inclusion and the promotion of equality of opportunity.

Specific success rates in vocational and work based provision are also impressive. There are unprecedented success rates for work based learning courses in further education, with some 82% of those involved progressing to the next level. There is also a 30% increase in Short Course success rates for learners aged 16-18, which brings the overall figure above the national average, and the 25% and 20% increases in success rates for NVQ Level 1 and 2s respectively. The only potential fly in the inspection ointment came from Sport and Recreation and Leisure, which was identified as “Satisfactory.”

Praise and Further Growth

The Chief Executive of Bolton MBC and a College Governor, Bernard Knight, prasied the work that the staff and learners are doing, saying: “I would like to Congratulate Bolton Community College on their excellent Inspection report. I”m delighted that the College has been found to provide a quality learning experience across its full range of provision. This is great news for Bolton, its employers, and all existing and future learners, who can access top quality learning opportunities on their doorstep.”

Reacting to the report, the College Principal, Alison Bowes, stated: “The report shows the College is going from strength to strength. I am delighted with the high grades awarded by the Inspectors which are a direct result of the hard work of our staff and our learners, and also a reflection on the high quality of provision.”

The college is committed to driving standards up still higher and plans to grow beyond even its current level of offering more than 16,000 learners the opporunity to enjoy learning success. The Principal added: “We have plans to relocate to a landmark new campus in the town centre so external recognition of the College’s strengths is a timely boost.”

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