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University Staff and Students Come Together to Welcome Guidelines on Hate Crime on Campus

In a step forward in the continuing fight against violence and discrimination in the world of education, unions representing university staff and students came together to welcome the report which offers guidance on how to prevent and deal with hate crimes and intolerance on campus.

The report, which is entitled “Promoting good relations on campus: dealing with hate crimes and intolerance” was published earlier this week. It was produced by a team of education professionals with staff and student representatives in consultation with several universities and equality and faith organisations. The guidance was today welcomed by the University and College Lecturers” Union (NATFHE), the National Union of Students (NUS) and UNISON which represents support and technical staff on many campuses. These three groups were represented on the committee who were involved in developing this report, and were understandably proud of their achievement.

Helpful Guidelines Against Hatred and Harassment

Roger Kline from NATFHE said: “These helpful guidelines arise from the varied contributions of universities, staff and students – collaboration which must continue. The thoughtful ideas contrast strongly with knee-jerk proposals of Ministers that would create a climate of fear on campuses, which the report rightly says would make it tougher to prevent intolerance. The report makes the important distinction between individuals and groups which promote controversial views and groups like the BNP which have a history of harassment and provoking hatred and should be excluded from campuses.”

Pav Akhtar of the NUS said: “The report is the culmination of dialogue between a range of organisations and this partnership must continue if we are to tackle these important issues on campuses. I hope the guidelines will form the basis for further policy work in this area and hope that it will go some way to repair the damage caused by flawed reports such as that of Prof Glees which did little to contribute to serious debate on tackling hate crime and intolerance.”

Christina McAnea, UNISON Head of Education Services said: “UNISON is pleased to have participated in this valuable piece of work. Dignity, respect and tolerance are core values that are at the centre of all our campaigns. We welcome this guidance and feel it is a positive initiative in the fight to eradicate intolerance and hate crimes which, although perpetrated by a tiny minority, are a blight on our society.”

Jethro Marsh

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