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Consultation on changes to funding recommendation (Closed)

The consultation has now closed – responses will be read and analysed to inform a summary report which will be published in due course

The Institute consulted on the process for how we recommend funding bands. This consultation launched on Monday 24 February and closed on Monday 18 May.

The consultation sets out a proposed core model and seeks views on two options for addressing differences in costs of teaching and consumables.

The consultation is accompanied by an interim impact assessment of the current model and its options.

We have also published the Cost of Delivering Apprenticeship Standards report on the Institute’s website.

This report was jointly commissioned by the Institute, ESFA and undertaken by independent research organisation IFF Research. The report should be considered alongside the consultation as the proposed model draws upon the findings of the research.

It remains our intention to conduct a pilot and we will keep under review the most appropriate time to conduct it. We will give details of how the pilot will take place at least one month’s notice before we begin piloting.

The extension to the consultation and delay to the start of the pilot mean that we will not rollout the new model to the original planned timetable – summer 2020. Instead, working closely with the sector, we will ensure that transition to a new process is done so at a time and in a way that minimises unnecessary disruption.

We intend to use feedback from this consultation to inform the design of a more defined model.  We plan to undertake a second round of engagement on this refined model later in the year.

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