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Corporate Governance Institute partners with UK’s most experienced online learning organisation – ICS Learn

The Corporate Governance Institute, the world’s leading provider of governance education and certification for directors has partnered with one of the oldest and most established names in online learning, ICS Learn.

ICS Learn founded in 1889 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the UK branch was set up in 1904. Today, it serves around 25,000 current students in more than 100 countries – predominantly in the UK, but also across the Middle East, Asia, and Ireland. It has a large share of the CIPD Human Resources and Learning & Development course market, providing professional qualifications and apprenticeships in accountancy, marketing, procurement, leadership, and project management.

Colin Kennedy, CEO, ICS Learn, stated:

“We pride ourselves on offering online courses for individuals throughout their career – from high school, through university and on to their first job, all the way to the board and director level. This is a unique offering in the market and one we are rightly proud of, but we needed to supplement our existing portfolio of courses for those at the very height of their careers looking to add a new dimension to their skills”.

With over 500 UK C-level directors and CEOs taking the full, university-accredited Diploma in Corporate Governance since the beginning of this year, the Corporate Governance Institute has already become the global leader in the certification of existing and aspiring directors. This makes the CGI the world’s leading educator of accredited and certified directors in just 18 months since its inception.

The Diploma in Corporate Governance makes an excellent stepping-stone for those wishing to take a seat on a board, whilst the Diploma in Environmental Social Governance (ESG) provides business leaders with a wealth of information to support them in addressing investors’ questions, managing associated risks, and implementing an organisational framework.

“Whilst ICS Learn covers these subjects, the self-study approach and specific focus on providing knowledge and understanding to senior business leaders in an engaging and easily consumed fashion makes these a highly complementary addition to our portfolio. The standout for us however, was the feedback CGI has had from students who have already taken the courses, and the collegiate relationship built with us throughout the partnership process,” added Kennedy.

Ciaran Bollard, the CRO of the Corporate Governance Institute, said:

“Extending our reach by appointing key strategic partners is a key focus for CGI. ICS Learn is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the online learning market, so we are very excited to join forces to extend the reach of our courses to help us accelerate and scale much faster.

“Our goal is to prepare board directors and aspiring directors for the highest level of governance, so we provide the highest level of training and certification. This clearly fits with the objectives of ICS Learn which in turn is looking to add to its already extensive portfolio.”

Ciaran concludes:

“Corporate governance has always been the foundation of decision-making at leadership level. It’s rooted in ethical behaviour and business principles, with the goal of creating long-term value and sustainability for all stakeholders. It is these core principles that have brought together CGI and ICS Learn to offer comprehensive training for the leaders of the future.”

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