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Department for Education condemned for missing apprenticeships target – Phillipson

Bridget Phillipson, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

Department for Education (@educationgovuk) condemned for missing apprenticeships target, as Labour (@UKLabour) urges government to secure training opportunities for young people in National Apprenticeships Week

Labour has today [Monday] condemned the failure of the Department for Education to meet the government’s own target for creating apprenticeships, as the Party calls for Ministers to secure training opportunities for young people.

Labour analysis shows 60% of government departments are falling short on their own apprenticeships policy, with Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson MP, warning that under the Conservatives education and training opportunities are in freefall, contributing to ongoing skills shortages.

Over the last decade apprenticeship starts have fallen by nearly 200,000 with particular declines among young people under 24. To tackle this shortage of opportunities, Labour has pledged to create new opportunities for young people to earn and learn with support for employers to take on 100,000 new 16 – 24 year old apprentices this year.

In contrast to Labour’s plans, the Department for Education took on just 142 apprentices last year, out of a workforce of over 7,000, falling far short of hitting their own target for public sector organisations to take on new apprentices.

Bridget Phillipson MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Education said:

“Apprenticeship starts have plummeted over the last decade, led by a government which cannot even deliver on their own target.

“Labour is working with employers, educators and training providers to deliver the skills our country needs to prosper. The Government should have adopted Labour’s plan for a wage subsidy delivering 100,000 new apprenticeship starts this year, and ensure every young person is leaving education ready for work and ready for life.

“Instead, Ministers are failing to create opportunities in their own Department and secure the skills our country needs. The Education Secretary needs to get a grip and show some leadership.”

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