From education to employment

Emotional storytelling and visualising the ephemeral, with illustrator Annabel Dover

In this week’s Teach Inspire Create podcast episode, Artist and writer, Annabel Dover, joins UAL Awarding Body.

The episode discusses the nuances of having a multifaceted career, how to creatively compromise with clients without compromising your creative identity, and how to continually find new creative ideas.

Annabel favours the representation of the ephemeral, she is interested in unveiling the hidden stories and emotions of the objects around us, engaging the viewer in untold tales of wonder. 

Annabel uses a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, video, cyanotype, and drawing. Her work is part distillation, part peripatetic ramble through her influences which range from archaeological illustration, archaic scientific techniques and the enthusiasms of a Victorian lady to the theories of Freud and anthropological research. 

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