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“Engage for the Future”: NEOMA Business School unveils its 2023-2027 strategic plan

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NEOMA Business School unveils its new 2023-2027 strategic plan, “Engage for the Future”, bolstered by a 40% growth in budget and 250% increase in the number of programme applicants over the last five years.

Additionally, the school’s network of international partners has grown by 400 organisations and institution.

“We are proud of several major achievements, such as the expansion of our research, the substantial increase in the number of applicants to our programmes, the creation of the first virtual campus in Europe and the opening of our new campus in Paris. Our attractiveness has grown considerably and these results encourage us to be ambitious for this new chapter,” says Delphine Manceau, NEOMA’s Dean.

“Engage for the Future” aims to continue NEOMA’s momentum in transforming its pedagogy, societal impact and student services.

At the same time, the strategic plan will focus on addressing major challenges of the future that are likely to arise from environmental, technological and geopolitical upheavals, establishing NEOMA as an enduring leader in higher education.

NEOMA mobilised all its stakeholders to create the new plan, including students, professors, employees and graduates. Contributions were collected through workshops and interviews. The result is a scheme based around three pillars.

Engage for Academic Excellence:

This pillar will reinforce teaching staff with a commitment to adding 10 new permanent professors each year. This allows NEOMA to set new targets for research production, aiming to accrue 250 articles and 700 stars annually.

Environmental and societal transition issues are already covered in each of NEOMA’s programmes. By 2027, the school commits to including these topics in all course curricula.

Double degree agreements have been signed with institutions recognised within France and internationally for their expertise in social sciences, humanities, computer science, engineering, environmental science and sustainability.

Building on its cross-disciplinary content, combining creativity with management and digital skills, the TEMA undergraduate programme will be extended to the Rouen campus by 2024. It is already offered on the Reims and Paris campuses.

NEOMA plans to add to its range of executive training courses following the example set by its collaboration with Jedha, with a view to tripling turnover on these courses.

The school also plans to launch “NEOMA Online”, a range of courses including iLearning modules in the fields of data management, sustainability and the major disruptions linked to digital technology, including advancements in AI.

Engage for Society:

This pillar will include launching NEOMACT, a new scheme to help students become positive actors for change in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. NEOMACT will consist of workshops to determine students’ “change maker” personalities, community-based projects and more, with awards for the most impactful initiatives.

NEOMA will also expand its existing partnership with the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS), one of France’s leading think tanks specialising in geopolitical and strategic issues. Both entities will collaborate on a series of Geo-economic Meetings which will be launched in autumn 2023.

The new Rouen campus will become a key feature in reinforcing NEOMA’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and the school is dedicated to doubling the budget for students grants in the next five years.

Engage for Students:

This pillar will continue to develop innovations in students’ learning “by reinforcing the school’s pioneering position in immersive technologies, such as the deployment of virtual reality or artificial intelligence within our programmes,” says Alain Goudey, Associate Dean for Digital.

NEOMA intends to enrich the overall student experience through expanding the range of sports and artistic activities on its campuses, in addition to enhancing the multicultural atmosphere on its programmes.

Student “Wellness” services are undergoing continual development, and new coworking spaces and areas open to the community will be created.

NEOMA also aims to continue support for its students’ employability across all sectors, maintaining a strong commitment to apprenticeships and capitalising on the power of its alumni network, which is one of the largest in France.

“This new strategic plan sets out great ambitions for NEOMA, with a clear objective to respond ever more effectively to the aspirations of young people and to enable our students to become committed players in the transformation of companies and society,” says Delphine Manceau.

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