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Engineering a resilient future after the COVID-19 pandemic

As the UK emerges from the lockdown, the UK engineering community has a knowledgeable and expert voice to contribute in ensuring future national resilience, emergency preparedness, response and planning conversations, according to a paper published today by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC).

Over the coming months there will be many opportunities for engineers to help tackle this pervasive inter-generational challenge, influencing and shaping longer-term decisions that are critical to guarantee a more resilient future.

Report: Engineering a resilient future

The NEPC is a unified voice for over 40 professional engineering organisations, representing 450,000 engineers, a partnership led by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Engineering a resilient future champions the important role that the engineering community has already played in advising the UK government during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on evidence, insights and case studies from across the NEPC partnership, it explains how engineers can transform their ideas into collective advice, minimising the risks and impact of COVID-19 for the UK, to secure a more resilient future.

The paper presents the engineering response in three stages:

  1. Lessening the impact
  2. Easing the lockdown
  3. Building a resilient future

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Dr Hayaatun Sillem CBE, CEO of the Royal Academy of Engineering, says: “Engineers play a major role in creating and maintaining the digital and physical infrastructure and systems which we all depend on, and they have been working throughout the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that these continue to function effectively and safely.

“Engineering a resilient future shines a light on the many ways engineers can support the COVID-19 response and contribute towards UK capability to build back better from this crisis and withstand future shocks. It has been produced by the National Engineering Policy Centre, which brings together over 40 organisations representing professional engineers in the UK and which continues to provide independent, expert advice to government and policymakers to support the national response to COVID-19.”

Notes for Editors

  1. The full paper Engineering a resilient future can be found here.
  1. The National Engineering Policy Centre is a unified voice for 43 professional engineering organisations, representing 450,000 engineers, a partnership led by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We give policymakers a single route to advice from across the engineering profession.

We inform and respond to policy issues of national importance, for the benefit of society.

  1. The Royal Academy of Engineering is harnessing the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone.

In collaboration with our Fellows and partners, we’re growing talent and developing skills for the future, driving innovation and building global partnerships, and influencing policy and engaging the public.

Together we’re working to tackle the greatest challenges of our age.

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