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Gradescope by Turnitin is now available in French

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The assessment platform—known for using AI to help cut grading time in half—introduces French to its line of translated interfaces, which includes English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese [Brazilian], Spanish, and Turkish.

Yesterday, global edtech provider Turnitin released the French version of Gradescope by Turnitin. French is the assessment platform’s seventh language version, which includes English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese [Brazilian], Spanish, and Turkish.

Since 2014, educators have turned to Gradescope by Turnitin to quickly and easily build, administer, and evaluate assignments and assessments. The software digitizes handwritten, paper-based work and utilizes AI to help cut grading time in half. Features, including dynamic rubrics and hiding student identifiers, help maintain fair evaluation. Last week, Turnitin released the Gradescope Mobile App on the App Store and Google Play for students to submit their assignments directly via their smartphones. With Gradescope, classrooms experience streamlined course management; quicker and more comprehensive evaluation feedback; and data insights to course, class, and individual student performance. 

“The [French] translated web interface will help us ramp up the adoption of the solution at our institution,” expressed Gradescope user Alexandre Champagne, IT specialist at Université Laval, Canada. “Kudos to Gradescope for listening to their customer’s needs!” 

French is the fifth most spoken language in the world with more than 274 million speakers, equating to roughly 3.6% of the world. French is also the official language in about 30 countries and territories

“By introducing Gradescope in French, thousands of students can engage with their studies more authentically,” said Turnitin Chief Product Officer Annie Chechitelli. “In the past four months, Turnitin has launched the Gradescope interface in six additional languages and is maintaining momentum to release more translations this year. We are committed to providing globally-inclusive edtech tools and lowering the barriers around education so that students can focus on what truly matters—learning.” 

Gradescope’s impact has been recognized by Bett Awards, EdTech Breakthrough, EdTech Digest, IMS Global, SaaS, SIIA CODiE, Tech & Learning, and more. To date, 700 million questions have been graded through the platform. Globally, more than 140,000 educators and 3.2 million students from 2,600 institutions have used Gradescope to maximize learning from assessments.

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