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Have a go at online schooling taster session with Minerva

Students considering a virtual education can test it out and see how it feels thanks to a leading online school’s new series of taster lessons.

From maths and English to PE and food technology, students across the globe will be able to log in to Minerva’s Virtual Academy and have a go at the ‘Live Lesson Experiences’ to see if an online education might work better for them.

CEO Hugh Viney said:

“The words ‘homeschooling’ may strike fear into the hearts of many children and parents up and down the country. But for many, including our 200+ pupils, the switch to virtual teaching during the pandemic was the catalyst for a change in their education.” 

Hugh says that mainstream school isn’t always the right fit for every child.

“There are kids struggling with anxiety, mental health issues and some who, for a variety of reasons, don’t feel able to go to school at all,” he explained. “Mainstream education has always been, and still is, ‘one-size fits all’ and I realised that there was an opportunity to create an option that was not only more tailored to each individual pupil, but one that was more affordable and flexible for both pupils and their families.”

During the pandemic, Hugh assembled a team of teachers and created his online learning platform and Minerva’s Virtual Academy was born. Fast forward almost two years and the school has a growing cohort of 200, teaching pupils from as far away as Dubai.

The school has also picked up a host of awards for its innovative way of teaching.

And now the school is offering those who might be interested the chance to test it out with a series of free online sessions.

“We appreciate it’s a big jump to go from a traditional school system to an online one and it’s not a decision that should be made lightly,” Hugh added. “Hopefully these taster sessions will give pupils and their parents a glimpse into the online world of learning and show what could be a very positive move for them.” 

The Live Lesson Experiences at Minerva’s Virtual Academy will take place every Friday throughout the holidays. For more information and to book your space, visit 

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