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Leading education-focused video production agency expands further into eLearning. 

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Award-winning production company Econ Films has launched a new eLearning brand – Vensight Learn – as a way to meet the challenge of delivering high-quality video courses that are engaging as well as educational.

‘There are lots of well-taught courses that let themselves down at the final hurdle with terrible video,’ says Founder and Executive Producer Bob Denham. ‘And then there are some very well-produced and marketed video courses that look great but are let down by poor learning design. No one finishes them. That’s where we come in – we bring together high-quality video with high-quality learning design to ensure that online courses achieve what they set out to do.’

The eLearning market saw extensive growth during the pandemic and has continued to strengthen further since the lockdowns ended. Increasingly, organisations and educational institutions are finding that quality, online learning content is offering them opportunities to make training and education more accessible, more personalised and more effective.

Within this expanding market, there is a growing challenge for organisations to provide eLearning opportunities which match the engagement of in-person teaching. Whilst the pandemic saw a huge demand for digital learning, it also highlighted potential shortfalls in online educational content if not approached correctly – things like the importance of learner-tutor connections, the need for shared learning experiences and how these videos and content must be dynamic, clear and engaging. These are some of the things that make online educational experiences meaningful, memorable and lead to great learning outcomes.

That’s the challenge the team at Vensight Learn are looking to address. 

Vensight Learn is the new venture from the team behind Econ Films, as part of their organisational restructure under the new masterbrand, Vensight Media.  

Econ Films have already built a strong reputation designing and producing video courses and educational content, working alongside universities, researchers and academics and global institutions to deliver a wide range of programmes and content for professionals and students alike. Now, they’re combining their understanding of education and online learning design, and their expertise producing high-quality video content, to help organisations and educators to further develop their people.

Bob Denham, Founder & Executive Producer at Vensight Media, says the move is a key step for the business to improve the way they can help their clients deliver the best possible learning experiences.

‘Online and video-based learning offers a huge opportunity for organisations to offer scaled, high-quality learning support for their people and stakeholders. 

The launch of Vensight Learn allows us to offer an extra level of specialism and expertise to our clients to really deliver for them.

As a business, helping to empower people and amplify important ideas is central to our mission, which is why extending our services and reach into the learning sector is an important and exciting development.’

To learn more about the work Vensight Learn do, visit: 

To learn more about the launch of Vensight Learn, visit: 

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