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Monthly statistics on initial teacher training (ITT) recruitment

Data on the numbers of candidates and applications to initial teacher training (ITT) for courses beginning in the 2022 to 2023 academic year. This report contains information on the number of candidates to ITT and their:

application status
area of residence

The report also contains information on the number of applications to ITT and their:

application status
course phase
route into teaching
provider region

Candidates have been able to submit applications for all Apply Teacher Training courses starting in 2022 to 2023 since 11 October 2021.

These tables will be updated monthly in line with previous publications produced by UCAS, who reported on ITT recruitment prior to this year. The data extraction dates will reflect those in previous UCAS publications. This information may be useful for ITT providers, academics and think tanks that use the data for examining their own recruitment processes and trends in ITT recruitment in general over time.

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