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New term for the Education Workforce Council

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The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has welcomed six new members as it starts a new four-year term.

The EWC is the independent, professional regulator for the education workforce in Wales, covering teachers and learning support staff in school and further education settings, qualified youth/youth support workers, and work-based learning practitioners. Its Council members include representations from across all registrant groups and are responsible for both setting the overall strategic direction for the organisation, and its governance.

The new Council members were appointed by the Minister for Education and Welsh Language following an open and fair recruitment process. They are Bethan Thomas, Geraint Williams, Jane Jenkins, Kathryn Robson, Rosemary Jones OBE, and Theresa Evans-Rickards.

The new cohort join six reappointed members who together, will form the new Council. They will be supported by a team of EWC staff headed up by EWC Chief Executive, Hayden Llewellyn.

Commenting on the new Council, Hayden said,

“I would like to extend a warm welcome to both our new Council members, and those who are re-joining us for their second term.

“Our Council members play such a valuable role, bringing not only support and direction, but scrutiny and challenge.

“We look forward to working with them all over the next four years.”

One of the first acts of the new Council will be to elect a new Chairperson from amongst its membership.

The new Council will meet for its inaugural meeting on Thursday, 20 April 2023. Members of the public wishing to attend the Council meeting can register their interest via the EWC website.

For more information on the role of Council members and the EWC, visit the website.

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