From April, Ofsted will publish a series of subject reviews and reports, taking a ‘state of the nation’ look at curriculum quality across primary and secondary schools.

The documents will be published in two phases, beginning with the research reviews in the summer term. The reviews will set out the literature that informs the way we think about high-quality education in each subject.

The subject reports will follow in the autumn, and will be based on evidence from our subject ‘deep dives’ in EIF (education inspection framework) inspections as well as additional research visits.

The reports will draw on evidence from across the country, including schools from a range of contexts with different pupil intakes and inspection judgements.

Schools are facing difficult curriculum choices as they work hard to help pupils catch up. We hope that the guiding principles set out in our curriculum work over the coming months will support and inform those leading the thinking on subject planning in our schools.

Read more about the principles behind our curriculum work over the next year and beyond.

Published 30 March 2021