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Phoenix Health & Safety partners with IEMA to offer environmental awareness courses for businesses across the UK 

When a report by CDP Global revealed that 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions in the last two decades1, it is no surprise that interest in sustainability and environmental governance and training is on the rise. In the last 12 months, searches for corporate sustainability have doubled, averaging at around 1.6k searches per month2, illustrating people’s keen interest in the topic. 

We’ve also seen ‘Net-zero, carbon-free by 2040’ business pledges being made by corporate giants such as Amazon, BT and Deloitte, who are promising to take action and reduce their environmental impact on the planet3

But it isn’t just large companies that need to take action on environmentalism; organisations of any size can make operational and cultural changes to reduce their impact. However, this change requires awareness and correct knowledge at all levels of a business to fully appreciate the requirements to drive change. 

That’s why one of the UK’s leading health, safety & environmental training providers Phoenix Health & Safety  has partnered with IEMA, professionals in business sustainability, to offer a range of courses that promote the awareness of environmental and sustainability issues within the workplace. These courses provide leaders and organisations with the resources and tools to meet real-world needs.

The in-depth courses offer a range of skills, including professional training in how to collect data, perform analysis and evaluate information to improve operations for a more sustainable future. 

Nick Higginson, CEO of Phoenix Health & Safety said; 

“In response to demand from our students and corporate partners, we’ve launched three of IEMA’s most popular courses: Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce, Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers, and the Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.

“These courses, which run from 1-5 days, are designed to equip teams with the knowledge of compliance obligations and business drivers for change that can lead to improved environmental performance.” 

Sarah Mukherjee, CEO of IEMA adds; 

“Demand for IEMA Environmental and Sustainability qualifications has soared 190% since 2020. Enhancing the sustainability skills of the workforce is crucial in preparing businesses for the transition to a sustainable and net-zero carbon future.  We’re delighted that Phoenix has adopted a broad suite of IEMA training products, offering a flexible approach to learning and boosting the capability of companies to capitalise on the opportunities.”

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