Advice notes from pre-registration inspections of proposed free schools, studio schools and university technical colleges that Ofsted carried out in 2020 at the request of the Secretary of State for Education.


Avonwood Primary School

PDF, 123KB, 9 pages

Hatchside School

PDF, 114KB, 7 pages

Folkestone Primary

PDF, 111KB, 7 pages

Roundwood school and community centre

PDF, 118KB, 7 pages

St Frideswide Church of England Primary School

PDF, 109KB, 6 pages

The Austen Academy

PDF, 112KB, 7 pages

Addington Valley Academy

PDF, 142KB, 7 pages

Alder Grove Church of England Primary

PDF, 129KB, 8 pages

Anglo Portuguese School of London

PDF, 60KB, 1 page

Ark Blake Academy

PDF, 118KB, 7 pages

Aspire School

PDF, 121KB, 7 pages

Axis Academy

PDF, 128KB, 9 pages

Bader Academy

PDF, 167KB, 7 pages

Barton Farm Primary Academy

PDF, 129KB, 8 pages

Barton Park Primary

PDF, 132KB, 7 pages

Bearsted Primary Academy

PDF, 126KB, 7 pages

Beauchamp City Sixth Form

PDF, 127KB, 6 pages

Cherry Fields Primary School

PDF, 125KB, 7 pages

Doncaster University Technical College

PDF, 140KB, 9 pages

Ebbsfleet Green Primary School

PDF, 124KB, 7 pages

Foxfields Academy

PDF, 126KB, 7 pages

Gems Wantage Primary Academy

PDF, 127KB, 7 pages

Glendinning House Academy

PDF, 126KB, 6 pages

Green Park Village Academy

PDF, 118KB, 6 pages

Harris Academy Clapham

PDF, 142KB, 7 pages

Harry Watts Academy

PDF, 118KB, 6 pages

Highfields Spencer Academy

PDF, 112KB, 6 pages

Hujjat Primary School

PDF, 179KB, 9 pages

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Primary School

PDF, 139KB, 8 pages

Lakelands Primary School

PDF, 130KB, 9 pages

Lotus Academy

PDF, 120KB, 6 pages

Monkerton Community Primary School

PDF, 125KB, 7 pages

North Brent School

PDF, 117KB, 6 pages

Norton Hill Primary School

PDF, 120KB, 7 pages

Orsett Heath Academy

PDF, 126KB, 8 pages

Outwood Academy Riverside

PDF, 145KB, 8 pages

Prospect House Specialist Support Primary

PDF, 117KB, 6 pages

Rosecliffe Spencer Academy

PDF, 118KB, 6 pages

Roundswell Community Primary Academy

PDF, 121KB, 7 pages

School of Science and Technology Maidstone

PDF, 134KB, 7 pages

Sir Bobby Robson School

PDF, 130KB, 8 pages

Snowsfields Academy

PDF, 137KB, 7 pages

Soundwell Academy

PDF, 117KB, 6 pages

Spa School Camberwell

PDF, 136KB, 7 pages

Springhead Park Primary School

PDF, 127KB, 6 pages

Stoneham Park Academy

PDF, 133KB, 8 pages

Thames Park Secondary School

PDF, 102KB, 7 pages

The Fusion Academy

PDF, 170KB, 7 pages

The Ropemakers Academy

PDF, 118KB, 9 pages

The Workplace

PDF, 104KB, 6 pages

Two Rivers Church of England Primary School

PDF, 170KB, 7 pages

University of Liverpool Mathematics School

PDF, 174KB, 7 pages

Watling Academy

PDF, 109KB, 7 pages

Waverley Junior Academy

PDF, 118KB, 9 pages

Westvale Park Primary Academy

PDF, 117KB, 8 pages

Whitelands Academy

PDF, 106KB, 6 pages

Wren Academy Enfield

PDF, 105KB, 6 pages

Wymondham Prep School

PDF, 115KB, 8 pages


Ofsted inspects proposed free schools, studio schools and university technical colleges (UTCs) before their opening.

Following this type of inspection, Ofsted inspectors produce an advice note for the Secretary of State on the extent to which the proposed school is likely to meet the independent school standards at the time of opening.

This advice note informs the Secretary of State’s decision on whether a proposed free school, studio school or UTC should be registered. It is important to note that the decision is not made solely on the strength of the advice note but is also based on other information available to the Secretary of State.

The advice notes from the 2020 programme of pre-registration inspections are available on this page.

Published 28 January 2021
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  1. Added advice notes for 6 schools which opened later in the 2020 to 2021 academic year.

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