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Dragons’ Den winner inspires students with human anatomy lessons

Barnsley College Sport students had the chance to try their hand at dissection when the VIVIT Experience visited the College.

The VIVIT Experience is a unique and intensive event as it recreates a post-mortem. Students and tutors were given a practical insight into anatomy and physiology and they had the opportunity to look at the worlds’ only semi-synthetic human cadaver. The students embarked on dissecting a heart, liver and lungs, learning in-depth anatomy and physiology.

The VIVIT Experience was featured on Dragons’ Den last year and successfully secured investment from both Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.

Madison Foye, a Level 3 Sport and Exercise Sciences student, said: “The event was brilliant. It was something different that I’ve never experienced before and I found it really interesting.

“Taking part provided the opportunity to see first-hand how the inside of the body works and what certain organs look like from the inside rather than just looking at a diagram. It allowed me to further my understanding on anatomy and apply what I’d already learnt to a real life practical.

“We started off with dissecting the respiratory system by taking apart the trachea, larynx and lungs, opening them up to see how they worked from the inside. We then dissected the heart which allowed us to see all four chambers of the heart and the main arteries, tendons and blood vessels inside it. After this we finished by dissecting the kidneys.

“I learnt many things, mainly furthering my knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the human body and deepening my understanding on how and why the body works as it does.

“I have furthered and consolidated my knowledge in anatomy and how the body functions, which will help me with moving forward at College and progressing to university as I am studying paramedic sciences.”

Thomas Bridges, Sport Programme Manager at Barnsley College, added: “We have thoroughly enjoyed having the VIVIT Experience in College and it has been a really useful opportunity for our students to learn human anatomy and physiology. This was a wonderfully practical way of opening up the world and developing practical skills for our students.”

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