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Reading College students take part in the Milk Mix-Up with University of Reading

Reading College welcomed two Food Science ambassadors from the University of Reading on Wednesday 16 November. 

The two ambassadors, who are both in their fourth year of studying BSc Food Science with Industrial Training at the National Centre for Biotechnology Education at the Whiteknights campus, led a Food Science workshop with students studying our GCSE Science Pathway and Health and Social Care programmes. 

Students took part in a practical investigation titled The Milk Mix-Up, where they undertook a series of enzyme-based practical tests to determine which of the samples of milk were almond milk, whole milk or semi-skimmed milk.  

While the samples were in the incubation stage, the two ambassadors from the University of Reading gave a presentation on what it is like to study Food Science at the University of Reading.  

After the practical had finished, they talked about their industrial placements, and potential career opportunities available for Food Science graduates. 

Taarika Minhas is studying a GCSE Science pathway at Reading College. 

She said: “The workshop was really cool! I liked the way they explained everything and that they allowed us to do the experiments rather than just them explaining it.” 

Shanthi Pandit, Faculty Manager, Activate Learning, said: “Our students really enjoyed the Food Science workshop. 

“It gave them a glimpse into what it is like to study Food Science at the University of Reading and the career opportunities that are available once they have graduated.”  

Dr Fiona Lane, Head of NCBE, National Centre for Biotechnology Education, University of Reading, said: “The National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE) are a small not-for-profit science centre that provide scientific kits and resources to schools and colleges, all with the aim of making science fun and engaging.  

“We also run an ambassador scheme, which involves sending final year students from the University of Reading out to schools and colleges to do a practical activity and give talks on what subject they study and career paths that they can take. 

“This was the first time that we ran a workshop at Reading College. It was great to get to use the new lab. The ambassadors who went out for this workshop, study food science and spoke to the students about their previous industrial placements and their career paths after they graduate next year.” 

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